The Greeks

I was reading up on Epicurus lately and was intrigued by his happiness through moderation philosophy of living.

it seems almost like a Greek form of Buddhism in a way.

who r some of your favorite Greek thinkers?

Stoic, eh? Kinda Buddhist. Kinda pessimistic.

Hey, E. I like Heraclitus. He who was 20th century waaaaay ahead of his time. He who flowed among the Greeks. He who lived intuition more than logic. He who laughed at static truth. And yes, he who died covered in pig shit, a situation of his own making, alas. 

I like them all, really. Parmenides infuriates me. Heh :)

Check out Nietzsche's Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks and Crescenzo's The History of Greek Philosophy. 

Both are accessible, especially the latter. Crescenzo adds working class philosophers from his own neighborhood.