saw this on another site and really liked it.




Just breathe....

Breathe....Gasping into light you're thrown!

Like glass, your turning leaf is blown

clear of sweet slumber's song but there's

no need of hers - you'll sing your own.


You, newly born of mother's prayers,

will breathe your first of earthen airs

and thirsty, let your voice be heard

'till she's dispersed the drink she shares.


As leaves are, by the wind, bestirred,

with each new breath, you'll find you're spurred

on by suvival's undertow

as well as debts  love-incurred.


Oh, precious child, I love you so!

What wonders of this world you'll know

but one day too, this life you'll leave...

Take one last breath, and let it go.


Yes, breathe...


- Lycia Harding