The biggest Gripe re: PLZ...


Could be just me, but it seems like I must log in each time I visit, even if I do not switch PC's or shut off the usual one. I do sort of understand the new, modernistic security features, however if someone swipes my 50 dollar dell laptop, it really is not a Huge Fright that they may log onto VLZ and post fake setlists. All of the missile silo codes aren't on the dell. I keep those in white icing on Oreo cookies.

Am I perhaps overlooking some step which I could take to save a few moments here & there ?? The cookies are switched "on".

the old zone didn't use cookies, so everyone had to login each time to post, edit profile, etc.

the new zone does use cookies, allowing browsers to remember this site, preventing the need to login each time to post, edit profile, etc.

our cookies are configured to expire after a certain period of days, so even if someone stole your machine, the viva sessions would eventually expire (all sites do this). that being said, we haz little-to-no sensitive information here, yet we still protect the site like it does.